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To ensure true decentralization, Zenith Chain will be onboarding a significant number of validators. These validators will be assigned a node within the blockchain. For a transaction to take effect, it must be validated by 51% of the validators. Users can become validators by holding $ZENITH coins. Below are some of the validators on Zenith Chain

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Validator 1

Become the backbone of Zenith chain and join in maintaining its security.

Validator 2

Ensure that the blockchain remains censorship-resistant and sustainable.

Validator 3

Receive rewards every time you approve a transaction and a new block is added to the blockchain.

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Why stake on $ZENITH?

Contribute towards the Zenith Chain project by locking $ZENITH coins for a long period of time. By locking your digital asset for a long time, you are stabilizing its value and ensuring the sustainability of the project while earning competitive rewards. More importantly, you will be investing in a coin that is backed by multiple use cases, all fused into an extensive ecosystem.

Here’s why you should start staking today:

  • Become an early investor in a project that is backed by an extensive ecosystem.
  • Enjoy governance benefits and contribute to the growth of a game changing technology.
  • Earn competitive passive rewards.

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What you can Build

Zenith Chain is an EVM that is secure, fast and compatible with smart contracts. Indeed, Zenith Blockchain does have extensive use cases. Ensure that you give your project a secure and safe foundation by creating them on our blockchain. From dApps and NFTs to blockchain-backed tokens, here are some of the projects users can build on the Zenith Chain.

Solidity dApps

Decentralized Apps Written In solidity are fully compatible with ZenithChain.

Fixed Cap Assets

Fungible Assets With Fixed Capital. Total Number Of Assets Remain The Same.

Variable Cap Assets

Fungible Assets With Variable Capital. Total Number Of Assets Change Over Time.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

An assets or collectible that Represents Something unique.

Decentralised Finance Apps

Web3’s answer to traditional finance. DeFi does not sleep, nor does it discriminate.