Zenith Chain is a community and efficiency-driven project. As such, our team members consist of people-first individuals who put the needs of the community first. They include blockchain experts and enthusiasts with years of experience under their belt.

Jonathan Emmanuel

CEO and Founder

Rajesh Chinnadurai

CTO and Co-Founder

Vivian A.

Chief Business Officer

Ahsan Memon

Product Lead

Dimeji Tomori

Senior Operations Manager

Jerome Jones

Marketing Director

Christopher Madubuchi

Marketing Director

Monalisa Agbata

Marketing Lead Director

Artur Holzwert


Ian Scarffe



What You Can Build

Zenith Chain is an EVM that is secure, fast and compatible with smart contracts. Indeed, Zenith Blockchain does have extensive use cases. Ensure that you give your project a secure and safe foundation by creating them on our blockchain. From dApps and NFTs to blockchain-backed tokens, here are some of the projects users can build on the Zenith Chain.


Solidity dApps

Decentralized Apps Written In solidity are fully compatible with ZenithChain.


Fixed Cap Assets

Fungible Assets With Fixed Capital. Total Number Of Assets Remain The Same.


Variable Cap Assets

Fungible Assets With Variable Capital. Total Number Of Assets Change Over Time.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

An assets or collectible that Represents Something unique.


Decentralised Finance Apps

Web3’s answer to traditional finance. DeFi does not sleep, nor does it discriminate.